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The Organic Pick of the Week

Shawn Colvin

Each week, a different artist is spotlighted as "The Organic Pick of the Week." Hourly segments of "The Organic Pick" feature the artist's music along with bio information and sound bites.

Shawn Colvin grew up in a college town in South Dakota, and made her way to San Francsico and eventually, New York before she was able to find her musical path.

The Organic Tracks Interview

ORGANIC TRACKS: So how did you get started, musically speaking?

COLVIN: It seems like I always enjoyed it and was drawn to it.  My father liked a lot of folk music at the time Pete Seeger, the Kingston Trio and things like that. Musicals were big with my family, “Camelot,” things like that.


More of the Shawn Colvin interview is on the way...